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Lower Silesian Governor's Office - basic information

Lower Silesian Governor's Office - basic information

Poland is administratively divided into 16 regions.

In each region there is one Governor who - as the State Territorial Representative - represents Polish Government and central administration. Governor is appointed by the Prime Minister, upon the motion of the Minister of Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland.

The Lower Silesian Governor`s Office is an institution which enables Governor of Lower Silesian to perform the following tasks:

  • implement the Government's policies, including regional policy, taking into consideration local conditions
  • control activities of governmental administration units (Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Board of Education, Regional Service for Historic Monuments Preservation etc.) and ensure them proper conditions to act effectively
  • manage co-operation between governmental administration and self-governments during natural disasters and in situations when environment, country's security and civil rights are threatened
  • represent the Council of Ministers during national ceremonies and visits of representatives of foreign states
  • co-operate with representatives of foreign states and international governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • supervise activities of self-governments of the region (at the level of communes, counties regions)
  • implement the multi-year Programme for the Odra River 2006
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